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Custom Engagement Rings in San Francisco

The love you and your partner share is profoundly unique, and we at Trabert Goldsmiths celebrate the process of creating custom engagement rings in San Francisco that perfectly capture the essence of your promise to one another. After learning your love story, we personally walk you through every design detail, guiding you in choosing your stone and setting while honoring your individual style, budget and timeline.
We carry an exquisite selection of high-quality diamonds, ranging from traditional cuts in classic shapes to the rarest of antique cuts, such as Old European and Old Mine. For the modern and bohemian bride, we have gorgeous center stone alternatives, ranging from black diamonds to lab-created Moissanites. With only a few exceptions, all our diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America.

Email us at and let us help you make your engagement unforgettable, and uniquely yours. Receive a free initial consultation when you visit us at our Fillmore Street store.

Purchasing an engagement ring is no small task; you intend this jewelry to symbolize lifelong love and devotion. When deciding what the timeless symbol of your love is meant to be, choosing a custom engagement ring is the right choice. 

Choosing the perfect engagement ring has always been challenging, but Trabert Goldsmiths offers a robust design process for custom engagement rings in San Francisco. An array of stunning diamonds presented in classic cuts are at your disposal, as are more novel and unique stones such as lovely colored sapphires or lab-created Moissanites.

The Trabert Goldsmiths Assurance

Erik Trabert was born in Los Angeles and earned his jewelry and small metal arts degree from Humboldt State University. He's been raised in California and knows the heart and soul of the community down to his very bones. 

He's lived in San Francisco since 1997, and no jeweler is more experienced in engagement rings in the Bay Area than him. When you begin your journey for a custom ring, you can be assured that Trabert Goldsmiths are the experts in their field.

Look no further when creating a timeless piece to pass on into a family heirloom for future generations. Trabert Goldsmiths will treat your vision with care and all your questions answered as passionate experts walk you through every step of the process.

Designing Your Custom Engagement Ring

Each custom engagement ring will be a work of love and art. Your final product will depend entirely on not just your sense of style but your future spouse.

After all, you'll want to design a ring they'll fall in love with and treasure. 

Diamonds remain a classic all over the world. These sparkling stones are the ultimate sign of romance in the eyes of many. With these rings, you'll dazzle the eyes of your intended. 

Still, some proudly buck tradition and would love a ring with a flash of color and a sense of flair. Our consultants can speak to you about other options, such as the different precious gems or lab-created stones.

Shop online, or reach out to us and begin the process. Your custom engagement ring in San Francisco will be a journey of love and passion from start to finish as we work with you. We'll assist you with choosing stones, the material, what styles are currently in trend, and what's a timeless piece.

Order Your Custom Engagement Ring in San Francisco

Designing your custom engagement ring may seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Trabert Goldsmiths are not only experts in crafting finely designed rings that will last for decades, but they're passionate and love their work.

This pride in their craft translates to an excellent experience for you. You'll have advice, feedback, and guidance through the process of designing your ring. Upon competition, your bride will have a gorgeous and unique ring on her finger and one that you can pass on to future generations.

Once you're ready to begin the journey, reach out to us. With Trabert Goldsmiths, you'll have all of our attention devoted to you and your satisfaction.

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