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How to Wear Stacking Rings

3 rings beautifully stacked together

Stacked rings are a popular jewelry style that can work for various ensembles and aesthetics. Those new to the trend may be wondering how to wear stacked rings.

You should have a well curated set of rings to create a balanced and attractive stacked ring look. Styling stacked rings can involve trial and error, and you may take some fashion risks to get fun and original results.

Once you have a few go-to stacked ring sets, you’ll be incorporating them into all of your outfits. Read on to learn more about how to wear stacked rings.

What Is a Stackable Ring?

A stackable ring is a ring designed to be worn with other rings. The simplest example of a stacked ring style is when someone wears a coordinating wedding band and engagement ring on the same finger. 

Today, stacked rings are quite popular, and people wear them in many ways. You can wear a few thin rings for an understated look or decorate your fingers with big chunky statement pieces. Stackable rings come in various sizes and widths, ensuring that you can disperse the rings across multiple fingers and even rock a few midi rings. 

Jewelers will market some rings specifically as stackable rings, especially if they come in a matching set. However, many fashionistas take full creative liberty and pick out individual pieces to incorporate into a stacked ring style. 

How To Wear Stackable Rings

If you’re unsure of how to wear stacked rings, don’t stress. Pulling off a stacked ring jewelry look is mostly about comfort and confidence. Choose the rings that suit your taste and personality and use it as a chance to express yourself.

With that in mind, there are a few basic tips for wearing stacked rings. To begin with, avoid putting jewelry on every single finger. Usually, putting rings on every finger will make your hand appear overcrowded with jewelry. Instead, pick only a few fingers to adorn and leave the rest of your hand bare.

Another useful tip for how to wear stacked rings is to pick a style or aesthetic. Stacked rings are a broad jewelry category, so knowing what style you want will help guide you when choosing rings. Fortunately, there are many unique and fashionable stacking ring styles. 

Stackable Ring Styles

Here are some common stackable ring styles that can serve as great inspiration.

3 different rings stacked together on a finger


If you love sparkly rings, you may want to wear glamorous stacked rings. Choose one or two larger statement pieces with eye-catching gems and pair them with some daintier rings with tinier stones.

Glamorous ring sets look best when you only wear them on one or two fingers. However, such a luxurious style can come across as excessive or tacky if you have a fancy-looking ring on every finger. 

Additionally, a glamorous stacked ring style is fairly flexible: you can have a classic design with gold metallics and diamonds or have dark and moody stones for a more dramatic effect. Overall, this is a great stacked ring aesthetic for formal events or dressing up a casual outfit. 


You can also style stacked rings to have a more bohemian look. Bohemian fashion is all about eclectic pieces and natural materials. This aesthetic takes inspiration from the 1970s but incorporates a more contemporary artsy vibe. 

Try out a bohemian style if you want an easy way to pull off statement rings. Choose rings with natural designs and small stones such as turquoise for a bohemian look. Mix different metallics for a truly eclectic appearance. 

To achieve that quintessential carefree bohemian style, incorporate a few midi rings that sit in the middle of your fingers—this will add some dynamic movement to your jewelry ensemble.


If you want to experiment with stacked rings but aren’t a fan of statement jewelry, consider doing a minimalist style. Minimalist stackable rings are extremely trendy and can elevate an outfit without requiring much effort on your part.

Minimalist rings can either be thin and dainty or thick bands in solid metallics. You can make your ring set monochrome by sticking to a single metal or spice it up with a platinum and gold combination. 

Since minimalist rings are, well, minimalist, you can get away with wearing more of them. In addition, several small stacked rings can add lots of decoration to your fingers without becoming overwhelming. 


Vintage ring sets are magical accessories that bring life to any ensemble. Vintage-style stacked rings are similar to bohemian styles but tend to have a more upscale and ornate feel. 

Since vintage is a broad term, you will want to narrow your vintage ring aesthetic to a particular era. For instance, you can wear a collection of Victorian-inspired rings or intricate art deco pieces. 

Like other stacked ring aesthetics, it’s best to limit the set to one or two statement rings and choose subtler designs for the other rings. Luckily, many vintage-style ring bands have beautiful engravings that will liven up even the most minimalist ring set. 


Although many people focus on gold and platinum metals when planning ring sets, you shouldn’t neglect color. Colorful stacked rings are festive and can show off your artistic eye. 

You can create a colorful ring set by choosing rings with large and small colored stones or sparkly gems. If you don’t want to embrace the entire rainbow, you can choose a warm or cool color family. You can also pick a complementary color pairing, such as classic blue sapphire or red rubies.

Where To Buy Stacked Rings

3 thing rings stacked together on a finger

We have a multitude of stacking ring options to fit anyone's style. You can find dainty stacking rings like this ombré ring or this rainbow ring

For more beautiful stackable rings, check out the designs from our Trabert Goldsmiths collection. Don’t hesitate to contact us here at Trabert Goldsmiths anytime with any questions you may have.


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