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Jewelry Journal

How to Wear Stacking Rings

You should have a well-coordinated set of rings to create a balanced and attractive stacked ring look. Styling stacked rings can involve trial and error, and you may take some...

Arm Candy

In ancient times, bracelets were comprised of various stones and worn to protect themselves from bad spirits or to bring positive energy for success or for love. Currently, there are...

Anniversary Flowers

Symbolizing the growth and sweetness of marriage, flowers and fruit are the traditional gift for the 4th wedding anniversary.  Floral motifs in jewelry are also a  sentimental and wearable form...

Bridal Earrings

To commemorate their day to remember, brides have chosen to wear something meaningful on their ears. These earrings can become an heirloom keepsake to be passed down to generations and...

Summer Stacking

Summer wedding season is upon us and we’ve been busy assisting our clients in selecting the perfect wedding band to fit their varied styles! Some brides-to-be want a more delicate...

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